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Is your fishing pattern three weeks late?

Fish do not punch a clock per se. Water temperatures dictate when fish begin their spawn. It is time to adapt. Crappies for example are still in 12-feet of water here. Fish a little deeper. We fished the Tennessee River … Continue reading

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O’Neill Williams on Road Runners

Did you just miss a fish while retrieving a Road Runner? Here’s a tip from O’Neill that will put more fish in the boat. We have a lot of fun writing and filming these tips. Blessings, -tj

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Sabine white bass at River Ridge

Jane looked up and smiled as she tossed another bag of ice into the truck. That is two of her trademarks, a smile, and hard work. Working 37-years on a farm will do that to you. She works over the … Continue reading

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Those bass with stripes confuse anglers.

There are white bass, striped bass and then there are the hybrid bass. The hybrids have many names, adding to the confusion. We will provide a brief description of each below. The Striped Bass is truly a saltwater fish that … Continue reading

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New Road Runner Series Revealed

ICAST is well over a week behind us now. Our booth stayed busy from beginning to end. (We are so blessed!) Attention was divided almost evenly for the two new Road Runner series. The winner was the Marabou Pro 2.0 … Continue reading

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