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A few photos from the St. Johns River trip.

The adventures and travel continue. Here are a few photos from the Florida trip. A few days in Titusville and Deland are just what I needed. The weather is perfect this time of year. I’d like to thank Visit Space … Continue reading

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Rend Lake has so much to offer.

Rend Lake offers catfish, crappie and so much more. Wayne Fitzgerrell State Park rests on the banks of this 19,000-acre lake. Just inside this park, you will find a jewel, Rend Lake Resort. Rend Lake is rich in natural beauty. … Continue reading

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Go ahead. Second-guess the fish to find them.

The wind gusted. Leaves fluttered down like snow. Ron looked at me and we both said the same thing, “Oh crap”. I eased the boat down to cruising speed. “Are we going to the river?” Ron asked. “Nope, it’ll be … Continue reading

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O’Neill Williams on Road Runners

Did you just miss a fish while retrieving a Road Runner? Here’s a tip from O’Neill that will put more fish in the boat. We have a lot of fun writing and filming these tips. Blessings, -tj

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Those bass with stripes confuse anglers.

There are white bass, striped bass and then there are the hybrid bass. The hybrids have many names, adding to the confusion. We will provide a brief description of each below. The Striped Bass is truly a saltwater fish that … Continue reading

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Practice this technique and catch more crappie.

Fish love to call docks “home” for many reasons. The first reason is the cover. Cover provides an easy way for crappie to ambush minnows and bugs. Docks also provide shade on warm days, especially in shallow lakes or lakes … Continue reading

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Fish, friends and fellowship at King Fisher Society

Winds whipped around us as we made our way up the creek. These winds were an indicator of a weather change. Keith Sutton and I began to cast to the steep bank with our Road Runners. After catching a few, … Continue reading

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Counterfeit Road Runner® Lures

One of my many jobs includes protecting our intellectual property. That means monitoring the on-line auction sites and fishing forums. This also entails walking the aisles of tackle shops, looking for knock-offs. We are nice at first. The response is … Continue reading

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What is old still catches fish today.

Many years ago, plastic worms came in just two colors. Anglers would fish purple worms in clear water, or black in darker waters and at night. Then you would find the same colors with a red tail. We had to … Continue reading

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Jimmy Houston’s NEW favorite Road Runner

The faint glow of sunrise began to peek past the curtains. It was time to jump out of bed for a cup of coffee. I quickly padded out onto the deck. (Coffee tastes better when enjoyed outside.) A dozen wild … Continue reading

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