How Real Magic will improve your fishing.

Jimmy Houston has been using Real Magic forever.

First, it will increase your casting distance. Long casts catch more fish. Why you may ask? Sound travels about five times faster in water. You spook less fish with longer casts.

Real Magic reduces line-memory. This is not to be confused with line-twist. Just imagine your line drying on the spool, just like wet hair on a curler. Curly line slaps the rod during casts. Real Magic reduces that memory and “rod slap”.

You probably already know that UV light is tough on line. Real Magic provides UV protection. The reduction in friction also increases the life of your line.

Real Magic reduces water absorption, which reduces line strength by nearly 20-percent.

Line icing is a big problem in the winter. Simply spray your guides and line. Re-treat as needed.

 All braid or “super lines” are nearly the same. The quality of the coating on the line is the true difference. Real Magic protects that coating. Does the sound of braided line skidding through your guides annoy you? Then it is time to treat that line.

Fluorocarbon is dense and stiff. This very density makes it sensitive and absorbs less water. Treatment is more of a challenge. We recommend treating fluorocarbon the night before and the morning of a trip.

Real Magic makes a real difference. Two major line manufacturers tested it for themselves and agreed, “It does what it says.”

Spend more time fishing, not fighting your line. Real Magic works so well, we offer a satisfaction guarantee. The only thing between you and the fish is your line so treat it with love.

Blessings, -TJ

About TJ Stallings

45-year tackle industry veteran Marketing and Crazy Ideas at TTI-Blakemore Fishing Group (Home of Road Runner Lures and six hook brands including Tru-Turn, Daiichi, XPoint, Team Catfish, Mr. Crappie and StandOUT Hooks.) Home of Gun Protect. The opinions expressed in this blog are those of TJ Stallings and not necessarily those of TTI-Blakemore.
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One Response to How Real Magic will improve your fishing.

  1. john hitchins says:

    This is all true. I don’t ever put my boat in the water without a can of this stuff on board. If you skip docks reel magic is a must. You will be able to skip at least 5 ft. further

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