Warm water tips from Crappie NOW Magazine

Kelly and Crappie guide, Brad Whitehead catch warm water Crappie

Warm water tips for crappie from Crappie NOW Magazine.

• Fish deeper and slower, then slow down your presentation some more.

• Crappie may not be on the bottom, but suspended in a cooler thermocline.

• Keep an eye on your depth sounder so you do not fish under the fish.

• Deep water can be good. Deep water with a steep rise will provide more shade.

• Try glow, jig colors in these deeper waters.

• What works in the hotter months often works in the winter. Note your successful deep-water spots for later use.

• Waters tend to cool after a rain shower.

• As aquatic weeds grow, they filter and clean the water. Choose lighter line to reduce line visibility.

• Night fishing is often more comfortable for you and the crappie.

• Bank fishing at night is easier with lighted floats.

• Give the waters plenty of time to cool down. Try fishing after midnight.

• The shade of docks in deeper waters may hold fish too. Shoot small jigs under these docks.

• You can slow your dock-shooting presentation with a small float, just above your jig.

• Minnows are not too frisky in warmer temperatures. Place a damp towel over the bait-bucket to keep them cool.

Adjusting your tactics for warmer waters will keep you in crappie fillets, year-round.

Other news: congratulations to J.P. Greeson at Texas Fishing Forum on their expansion, Louisiana Fishing Forum. I’m personally a big fan of the original Texas Fishing Forum and excited to see it grow into another state. Greeson is no stranger to Louisiana. His father is from Lake Charles, and much of his family still resides in the state. “I take every chance I get to fish Louisiana waters,” he notes. “Whether you’re talking the state’s lakes and bayous, its massive bay systems or its cobalt-blue offshore waters, Louisiana is home to some of the most diverse and consistently productive fishing in the nation. ” -J.P. Greeson There is no cost to register and I invite everyone to visit.

On a personal note; I’d like to thank everyone for your calls and e-mails after the tornado outbreak in Alabama. It’s humbling to know we have so many friends. Blessings, -TJ

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