One Polin’ for Crappie

One of Ron's Crappie on a Slab Daddy

Sunlit tendrils of mist rose from the water as we made our way upriver.  The sun’s heat burned the early morning fog; its light barely reaching the stumps that I maneuvered around. Cypress trees revealed tiny, electric green leaves. These leaves and the previous night’s growing moon are nature’s signs that Crappie are active.

Brother Ron was admiring those same signs. He had that grin on his face. It’s the same grin you find on people while skydiving. We were going one-poling. One-poling combines several techniques. Imagine flipping for Bass and float fishing for Crappie, at the same time.

Black Crappie will move into these shallow waters before the White Crappie. But it’s not unusual to catch both, just a few feet apart.

The rig and technique are simple. Rig a small float, just 18-inches above a 1/16th ounce Road Runner. Tip the Road Runner with a minnow for even more action. Now swing the rig just past a stump’s shadow. Wait just a few seconds and slowly pull the rig to the edge of the shadow. Tossing the rig just upwind from a shadow is even better. The wind will push the rig to the shadow of the stump. Done quietly and slowly; you’ll see the float disappear into the water. A gentle lift of your rod will set the hook and the battle is on!

Ron is using the Sportackle Rod by Ray Scott. I’m using the B’n’M’, Sam Heaton’s Super Sensitive in the 7’ spinning. Wally Marshall’s Signature series is another good rod for this technique.

Avoid “tiny” spinning reels. These small reels tend to create line trouble and don’t cast or pitch as well. Reels with a larger spool just cast better. I recall our dad using a Swiss Fix spinning reel. While it sounded like a coffee grinder, its huge spool made for some really long casts.

Why use a Road Runner for a vertical presentation? Because the blade simulates gill-flash; a feeding signal. Crappie think its eating eggs and will strike the lure, just to eliminate the danger. Ron chose a Slab-Daddy so he could add a scent to the chenille center.

We only had a few hours to fish, shoot some photos and video tips. But we saved a few for a little fish fry. For many of my readers, this bite will start on the next moon or when the water temp reaches 60-degrees.  So get ready for One-Poling!

Note: Look for video tips from John Harrison, Keith Sutton, Ron Stallings and more at our website: Just click the “video tips” link on the left. Most are straight to the point and less than 30-seconds. Save it to your favorites as more tips are regularly added.

Blessings, -TJ

About TJ Stallings

45-year tackle industry veteran Marketing and Crazy Ideas at TTI-Blakemore Fishing Group (Home of Road Runner Lures and six hook brands including Tru-Turn, Daiichi, XPoint, Team Catfish, Mr. Crappie and StandOUT Hooks.) Home of Gun Protect. The opinions expressed in this blog are those of TJ Stallings and not necessarily those of TTI-Blakemore.
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2 Responses to One Polin’ for Crappie

  1. steve fricke says:

    tj if you remember me from the old days give me a call and i’ll hook you up on some 3lb slabs. say hy to wes and all at tru turn. i was trying to get some road runners heads and saw your name. steve

  2. tjstallings says:

    Hey Steve! How are you? Give me a holler when you get a chance. Blessings, TJ

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