StandOUT Stacker Rig update

StandOUT Stacker tipped with minnows

Several anglers have called this week asking about our new StandOUT-STACKER™ Rigs. The good news, they are tremendously effective. The bad news, they are tied by our friends in Haiti. Thanks to overtime; they were in our vendor’s metal building and all survived the earthquake. They are working again and we are looking for shipments to begin next month. Thanks to my co-workers generosity; we were able to ship a pallet of emergency supplies last week. Their need is far from over and our goal is to keep a steady schedule of shipments down there.

Why are the Stacker rigs so effective?

Baitfishes swim together, inches apart instead of feet. Whether its Glass-minnows, Shad, or Minnows, they exist in tight schools. While they swim in these pods to find food and hide each other in their shear numbers, they are actually easier for predators to find. You’ve seen predator fish chase a school of bait to the surface in a feeding frenzy? That’s the theory of proximity at work. The Stacker rig keeps two baits together.

If you can’t find a Stacker rig in your local store; they’re quite easy to make yourself. All you need is a size two StandOUT hook, some good quality eight to ten pound line, a barrel swivel and a Slab Daddy™ jig or Road Runner®. Now you’re ready to get started.

  • Tie your favorite knot to the top eye of the hook. (Leave a long tag-end)
  • Run the tag-end through the second eye and tie to the Slab Daddy.
  • Trim the standing line and tie to the swivel.
  • Congratulate yourself for making your own Slab Stacker™ and tie some more. J

Tip: Choose a #6 StandOUT hook and a 1/16th oz. Slab Daddy or Road Runner for Perch. Choose the #2 StandOUT hook and a 1/4 oz Road Runner, Glow Head for Walleye and other species that are in deeper waters.

They’re easy to fish. If you’re going to drift or troll, add a minnow to each hook and go fishing. If you’re going to cast and retrieve it; rig a soft-plastic and retrieve slowly, just off the bottom. Don’t be surprised if you catch two fish at a time. (You’re fishing with a buffet, after all.)

Angler’s reception was better than we hoped. But better anglers jumped all over the Stacker Rigs and then the quake hit. We apologize for the delays on this new product line.

Oh, I nearly forgot. There’s a big Crappie seminar at Grizzly Jig this weekend. Look for our friends; Wally Marshall, Tim Huffman, Brad Whitehead, Capps & Coleman, Kent Driscoll, Win Stevens and many more for the latest tips and techniques.

Blessings, -TJ

About TJ Stallings

45-year tackle industry veteran Marketing and Crazy Ideas at TTI-Blakemore Fishing Group (Home of Road Runner Lures and six hook brands including Tru-Turn, Daiichi, XPoint, Team Catfish, Mr. Crappie and StandOUT Hooks.) Home of Gun Protect. The opinions expressed in this blog are those of TJ Stallings and not necessarily those of TTI-Blakemore.
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2 Responses to StandOUT Stacker Rig update

  1. john h says:

    something new crappie tend to learn quickly looks natural

  2. If you can legally use live bait, do not forget to try a jig and minnow or jig and worm or jig and leech. Not only do the walleyes love them, but if you get hung up on the bottom, losing your lure is not as big of a deal.

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