December 24th

Peacock Bass Association Founder, Larry Larsen

My travels carried me to Lakeland to visit with Pro-Angler, Walt Swafford and Larry Larsen. Walt shopped in my dad’s tackle shop, so we go waaaay back. Unfortunately our fishing plans were weathered out, but we had a great meal and even better fellowship.

Larsen was inducted into the National Fishing Hall of Fame in 1999 and has written 21 fishing-travel books, many of which I’ve enjoyed reading myself. We carried Larsen’s saltwater books in my dad’s tackle shop for years. Even the titles were right to the point; The Snook Book, The Redfish Book, The Trout Book, The Tarpon Book, The Reef Fishing Book and the Masters Book of Snook. You can find his books and videos at: Larsen is also the Peacock Bass Association founder and has authored several books about his favorite fish.

If you ever wanted to catch Peacock Bass without the expense of flying to South America; contact Captain Alan Zaremba at 954-609-3671 for an action-packed day in south Florida. I can tell you from experience; a “slow” day with Alan is 21 Peacocks! It’s an impressive fishery with a mix of Largemouth Bass and the occasional Red Midas thrown in too. You can learn more at:

While you’re in the Miami area; stay an extra day to fish with one of my heroes,  Captain Bouncer Smith. He’s just won Most Tagged and Released Atlantic Sailfish Award by the IBL, for the third year in a row! Congratulations Bouncer. Guess which hook he’s using….yep, our patented Daiichi, Circle Chunk Light in the 3/0 size.

Website updates… We’re working on more video tips for our home site. (  Tips will be from our many industry friends, pro-staff and that fat guy. (Me, not Santa) Look for tips from Crappie to Cobia, in the coming months.

If the Christmas spirit hasn’t hit you yet; listen to the Trans Siberian Orchestra for a while. (# five is my favorite). TSO has sold over seven-million albums so far.

Wishing you the best during the Holidays and a Merry Christmas! TJ and the TTI-Blakemore Team.

About TJ Stallings

45-year tackle industry veteran Marketing and Crazy Ideas at TTI-Blakemore Fishing Group (Home of Road Runner Lures and six hook brands including Tru-Turn, Daiichi, XPoint, Team Catfish, Mr. Crappie and StandOUT Hooks.) Home of Gun Protect. The opinions expressed in this blog are those of TJ Stallings and not necessarily those of TTI-Blakemore.
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