November 24th, 2009

Larry Larsen's double-digit Peacock Bass

Check out this big Peacock Bass that Larry Larsen bagged on his last Rio Negro trip. It couldn’t resist a Tru-Life, seven-inch Swimbait. Note how deep the Daiichi, Bleeding Bait 7X Trebles are in his mouth. Peacocks naturally strike an “injury”.  Please visti: for more info about these incredible fish. You can also join the association while you’re there. I enjoy their monthly, on-line magazine myself.

Mark your calendars for February 19-21. Please stop by booth number 2508 to say howdy and see what’s new for 2010. You can find additional information at:

Speaking of tournaments; the first Crappiemasters event will be January 29th & 30th at the Harris Chain of Lakes, in Leesburg, FL. The Lake Monroe tournament follows the next week in Sanford, FL. More info is available at:

The Crappie USA trail begins at Lake Talquin, in Florida on January 23rd. A full list of events is at:

Big Cat Quest will post their schedule as soon as their new site is up.

All three of these trails are FAMILY events. Perfect for husband-wife or father-daughter teams.You don’t have to have a wrapped boat or wear billboard-like shirts to fish these tournaments.
This is the number one thing we like about these trails and we encourage you to try one in your area. Besides, local anglers have the advantage over the pros.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and memories of “Black Friday” in my dad’s tackle shop are still fresh in my mind. Shoppers would walk into our store and you could hear their sigh of relief that it wasn’t as crazy there, as the mall down the street. The coffee pot was always on and the mood was laid back. Mom would pound the register as dad and his team would assist the customers. It was…fun.

Another tradition that amused me was how often the “boys” of a family would go on a big fishing trip on Black-Friday. After a day of the men hanging around eating and watching football; mom would be more than ready to be left alone to shop, in peace.
Grandpa, dad and the boys would show up at our store early that morning, ready to get out of the house. I envied them.

However you celebrate the holiday, we wish you a blessed Thanksgiving. Please remember our troops in your prayers.


About TJ Stallings

45-year tackle industry veteran Marketing and Crazy Ideas at TTI-Blakemore Fishing Group (Home of Road Runner Lures and six hook brands including Tru-Turn, Daiichi, XPoint, Team Catfish, Mr. Crappie and StandOUT Hooks.) Home of Gun Protect. The opinions expressed in this blog are those of TJ Stallings and not necessarily those of TTI-Blakemore.
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5 Responses to November 24th, 2009

  1. Don Gasaway says:

    Thanks for the notes on the tournament trails. A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

    • tjstallings says:

      Thanks Don. Have a great Thanksgiving too.

      Blessings, TJ TTI-Blakemore Fishing Group Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Tru-Turn Hook Home of Daiichi, XPoint, StandOUT, Team Catfish and Mr. Crappie Hooks brands. Address: P.O. Box 1177 Wetumpka, AL 36092 Shipping: 100 Red Eagle Rd. Phone: 334/567-2011 Outdoor Writers: 800/421-5768 Fax: 334/567-9788

  2. Great photo of a Peacock TJ!
    Thanks for helping us all remember what Thanksgiving should be.
    Let’s plan a fishing trip soon, I will bring the sodas and snacks and you bring the bait, if you kept your toe!
    Happy Holidays!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours too, TJ.

    Great Peacock shot.

    I had a good day on Sunday fishing for crappies and it made me think, “you know, I might like to enter a crappie tournament some day.”

    Thanks for the extra motivation.

    • tjstallings says:

      Thanks Teeg, I can’t take credit for that photo. Wish it was either me shooting the photo or holding the fish! 🙂 Please give me a holler soon so we can schedule you for a Crappie tournament.

      Blessings, TJ

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